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Interpreter informal discussion (14) Han Yiying: Replace
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? ? ? About Han Yiying, I want to talk about 3 points: 1. Replace (Substitution) ; 2. Advocate call (Subject-predicate) ; 3. (of principal and subordinateSubordination) . These 3 points use English to state, the first letter is S, because this is OK abbreviation " 3 S point " . Translation quality is not high, because these 3 problems were not handled good,often be. Change character, if these 3 problems are handled weller, can grace for translation many. This is told, talk with respect to concentration " replace " .
? ? ? English does not like to repeat, if be in a word or the need in a few conjoint words repeats a certain term, be replaced with pronoun, or will avoid to repeat with other measure. Chinese is not afraid of repeat, using a certain term continuously is common thing. Leave no stone unturned wants to avoid to repeat when Han Yiying so, multi-purpose era says; Want to say less with era when Ying Yihan, multi-purpose and substantival.
? ? ? Speak of " replace " , we think of pronoun above all of course.
? ? ? The use of pronoun, have in English and Chinese very big different. In general, english pronoun is used more, chinese pronoun is used less. Accordingly, when Ying Yihan, some pronoun need not interpret. Want to increase pronoun in proper place when Han Yiying, especially owner pronoun. With pronoun in order to avoid reduplicative example, it is to be able to be found everywhere more.
? ? ? Exemple 1. Everything should set out actually from this, come actually according to this formulate program.
? ? ? ? ? ? In Everything We Do We Must Proceed From This Reality, and All Planning Must Be? ? Consistent WithIt.
? ? ? Exemple 2. Walk along socialistic road, should come true stage by stage namely collective and rich. Such putting forward of collective and rich conception: One part area develops first conditionally rise, one part area develops slow dot, develop the area that after the area that rise is driven, develops first, achieve finally collective and rich. ... one of settlement method, namely first rich the area that rise is much more nodical profit tax, support the development of impoverished area.
? ? ? ? ? ? To Take The Road To Socialism Is To Realize Common Prosperity Step By Step. Our? Plan Is As Follows: Where Conditions Permit, some Areas May Develop Faster ThanOthers;Those That Develop Faster Can Help Promote The Progress Of
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