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4 languages 9000 vocabulary entry are full-scale diction of sports of normative
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People net Beijing noun of science and technology of electric whole nation is authorized on July 15 committee and committee of job of national language writing are in Beijing to be released jointly now "Olympic GamesSportsProject name " , pass Sino-British law on the west 4 kinds of languages 9000 vocabulary entry are full-scale sports of normative Olympic GamesDiction, with this toBeijingOlympic Games tribute.

Business affairs imprints book house publishs " name of project of Olympic Games sports " , the terminology of project of Olympic Games sports that according to Spain term center offers Jiatailuoniya is compiled, cover Olympic Games of the 29th summer 28 individual Yo are big, by Sino-British law 4 kinds of languages contrast on the west, add up to 9000 beyondVocabulary entry.

According toChinaThe academy of sciences and Chinese Olympic committee released in July 2007 about the branch " dragoman lives state findings report " , beijing Olympic Games needs sports about during the meetingProfessionalTranslate 10 thousand. But in home, sports can take on in about 300 thousand professional dragomanInterpreterOf the job be less than 4000, insufficient 1.3% , in reciprocal is listed in 22 interpreters major entirely the 4th, those who see sports major dragoman is in short supply. To open very current Olympic Games, interpreter personnel earnestly needs to master name of very normative abstruse body project; For promotional the mutual association with foreign athlete, urgent also need understands broad athlete and sports fan the general interpret law of name of abstruse body project. According to this one state, the much language that releases a standard is general name of abstruse body project is very important. Noun of countrywide science and technology appoint with national signal appoint this second combination releases name of project of Olympic Games sports, show technical terms of our country sports is tentative trend standardization, conduce to sports fan and practitioner systemLearnUse with the standard.

For example, there is Trainer in a lot of projects one word, it and Coach are synonym it seems that, translate into trainer so, the basis is defined later, former more slant trainer of overweight physical ability, latter points to the trainer on common sense. If Dou Yicheng trainer, cause the bewilderment on communication likely.

" name of project of Olympic Games sports " of one book compile, assemble the term, language, sports, expert that translates a bound, passed nearly 20 times go over a manuscript or draft meeting, undertake checkup to vocabulary entry one by one, made to the Chinese translated term of every noun be judged afresh and edit, ensure the scientific sex of Chinese translated term. With badminton English vocabulary two medium Skirt are exemple, its corresponding French and spanish are basic also and identical, can be judged only by the definition, among them one is the short skirt that when pointing to athlete match, wears, another is the crest part of plastic badminton; There are 4 Mark in vocabulary of track and field, sheet cannot distinguish from literal its indicate specific thing, after trying to distinguish according to their definition, respectively denominate is touchdown trace (in pointing to the project such as cast, the trace that stays after be born of the shot that cast gives, javelin, discus, use at measure to be apart from) , footplate footprint (in pointing to long jump project, take off foot stays in the trace on footplate, whether to foul in order to judge) , run-up labels (in pointing to high jump, long jump, the mark of athlete run-up) with be born trace (in pointing to long jump, the athlete stays in the trace in jumping pit, the distance that jumps out actually with measure) .
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