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Not let " Chinese style English " the hair outside olden is muddled
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On July 16, academy of southwest university foreign language is large 2 students Peng Na, accompanyThe United StatesThe student studying abroad rambles when bazaar of Chongqing north Bei, american student is pointing to the English on elevator to indicate a card to ask is what meaning. Original, this directive card " the notice that multiply ladder " lower part deserves to have English annotate " MULTIPLY BY STEPS BEARD KNOW " , InterpreterCome over even if " multiplication, footstep, beard, know " . (see on July 18, 2008 " Chongqing times " ) look, confused to this kind of interpreter, let a foreigner look not to understand " Chinese style English " , need to clear really.

This plants bazaar of Bei of similar Chongqing north "Chinese style English" , not only Chongqing has, other city is not little also, the netizen listed many. For example, " cast throw " tag for " To Throw To Throw " , threw namely throw again; " Guiyang " tag for "The Expensive Sun " , namely costly sun; " complain " tag for " Throws To Tell " , namely cast will tell; " alarm wind " tag for " Police Breeze " , namely constabulary breeze. . . . . .

Already made as reforming and opening the door opens the country, toChinaLive, the foreigner of the job and travel is increasing, international color of the city is thicker and thicker. However, english interpreter standard is such low, real make a laughingstock of oneself before experts. Can appear this kind of circumstance, depend on a few branches, unit and businessman taking this seriously insufficient, optional sex is too big, asked interpreter personnel belongs to the sort of is in on English probably " half bottle vinegar " person. Actually, this problem solution rises definitely not complex, language teacher came to an interpreter to be solved with Ke Yingren outside the authoritative branch that should ask perfectness English when sign of the English that make only, college, ask namelyForeignerLook over unapt also be troubled by a such jest. Bazaar of Chongqing north Bei " the notice that multiply ladder " the English annotate that demonstrative card place matchs, it is party probably according to the dictionary orSoftwareThe explanation that go up, a word a word contrasts, apply mechanically interpreter comes over. Accordingly, already short of interpreter must abide by " letter, amount to, elegant " standard, also let a person understand expressive meaning hard, foreigner door has only if drop 5 lis of cloud and mist.

Conform as home market and international market more close together, together with 2008BeijingOf the Olympic Games hold, the application of English also is met more and more extensive. I wish each district can undertake one time clearing thoroughly to English label of the city, adopt practical step to undertake error correction is mixed strengthen management, cannot let again " Chinese style English " be popular, let a foreigner be sent muddled! (Hou Wen learns)
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