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Fine tuning of Google China home page suffers Baidu extruding to send force onli
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[Sohu IT message] (civil / Han Jianguang) a few days ago, GoogleChinaHome page undertook adjustment again, former " hot a list of names posted up " function by "Interpreter" be replaced.

This year on March 28, google China homepage undertook correcting first. In original and simple search casing falls, google China increasedVideo, the function of the many animation style such as search of guest of picture, information, map, rich, hot a list of names posted up and website navigation enters the mouth. After this, google China home page still has had twice adjust, "Information " and " rich guest is searched " respectively by "The life" and " finance and economics " be replaced.

"Hot a list of names posted up " the reason that is replaced, rich guest guesses a likelihood is Google China the discovery after the course is monitored visits the effect not beautiful, its so eliminate goes out. Current, the user still can pass top left corner " more " enter and use " hot a list of names posted up " wait for a function.

Also analytic personage thinks because,Google China this action is Olympic Games eveOnline interpreterMarket demand increases and competitor hair force is concerned.

Investigation data shows, 2007, annual produce of global interpreter market already the 13 billion dollar from 2004 (Asia-Pacific area is occupied 30% ) develop 400 much dollars. Among them, the character of mandarin of cost of foreign language interpret that gets on the webpage only has 1.7 billion dollar. On July 10, BaiduRoll out formally alsoFreeonline interpreter serves. Baidu translation service is before " Baidu dictionary translates a service " upgrade, offerred Sino-British, flower interpret of medium full text each other serves, support inquiry of word, phrase at the same time, support 1000 words full length interpreter.

Before this, netease has Le Yijun of path, Yahoo already encroach on translates the market. Have machine translation of Internet times whole world the Google of banner technology, there was the interpreter of actual strength most with China on May 8 this yearSoftwarePowerWord reachs collaboration, released free Gu Ge PowerWord jointly. This service includes the desktop that PowerWord goes to already to translate a service, joined the online interpreter function of Google, offer the service such as whole full text interpreter, interpreter and webpage interpreter. Google serves online interpreter mainland to change at the same time, acquiescent function is interpret of Chinese and English each other, support the each other interpret of other language.

Ai Rui seeks advice to express in a findings, as the network gain ground, the browsing number to guest of foreign webpage, rich, community rises the user stage by stage, ecbolic the demand to online interpreter. Business of search engine operation serves height to take seriously to online interpreter, because online interpreter serves enclothes user,be group show two polarization posture, translation software on one hand stick together relatively high-end user group, online translation service attracts have the aid of of hope of business of search engine operation high-end user is used, promote its the advertisement value of the product, create multivariate gain origin. And on the other hand, the translation software has extensive young new user group use, business of search engine operation can spread out brand offensive in the light of these new users, promotion trademark is well-known degree.
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