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5 schools join southwest elegant think of exam whole world to approbate a system
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The reporter is in know from education of culture of British consulate general, SouthwestFirst 5 place colleges are joined formallyElegant think ofExam(IELTS) the whole world is approbatedSystem, it is respectively: ChongqingUniversityInstitute of foreign language institute, Sichuan foreign language, Chongqing is business school of international of industrial and commercial university, southwest university of campus institute, Sichuan goes abroad study abroad preliminary institute.

   University of Shanghai foreign language joins IELTS whole world to approbate a system (GRS)

  FirstChinaThe college is joined formally elegant think of the whole world to approbate a system (GRS)

According to introducing, as elegant approbate and use an orgnaization what think of an exam, theseSchoolinformation will be announced to be in elegant the global government website that thinks of an exam is browsed for examinee. This action was abounded not only elegant the directory that thinks of an exam to approbate an orgnaization, heavier if be in,approbate wholer information communication platform was built between orgnaization and examinee, extended effectively thereby elegant the scope of application that thinks of exam achievement.

Elegant think of exam whole world to approbate a system (GRS) be those who be based on of website of government of IELTS whole world approbate search engine, the purpose depends on going to the lavatory elegant think of examinee to search those who accord with him condition to approbate an orgnaization. This engine but base area region, orgnaization name and mark ask 3 kinds of key word undertake searching. Many 6000 orgnaization that the whole world has more than 120 countries is approbated elegant think of achievement and joined GRS system, include many 1800 among themThe United StatesSchool.

Before this, home already had institute of international of college of agriculture of institute of century of university of Beijing post and telecommunications, China, external the college such as institute of commerce of economy of international of classics trade university joined IELTS whole world to approbate a system in succession.

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