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1 million Peking Man " I am English mad " Olympic Games whether let passion last
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The map expert Lin Kangtai that in geography of Chinese Academy of Sciences science and resource institute worked 38 years, never think of to be able to come suddenly after retiring 10 years a job, and work even if 4 years -- the place is in downstair, every week last time class.

He is an exhibition the road is street 3 towers communityEnglishLearnThe teacher with exclusive class, old person of 74 years old stipulates he spends two hours to come everydayInterpreterGeographical magazine of abroad. To listen to his class, yang Laotai of many years old 80 too lay between several streets to come from black bamboo courtyard, heart disease makes twice on classroom, it is infirmary downstairs fortunately.

In eye of director of newsreel of a Singapore, oldBeijingTo receiveOlympic GamesLift " the whole people learns English " upsurge, can says " enthusiastic disease " . Because do not have a country to be able to resembleChinaSuch, because hold an Olympic Games,meet English of be used to of so mad geoscience.

To receive an Olympic Games, municipal government was in Beijing early to establish Beijing citizen technically 2002 to tell office of foreign language organizing committee. This office is announced, inside 6 years of in the past, the telling that Beijing has 1 million person to participate in municipal government to begin at least in foreign language activity; The number of foreign language population that gives priority to with English to 2008 will be achieved 5 million, occupy often live population is proportional 35% .

In fact, from last centuries since 50 time, the upsurge that learns English does not have cease to pass all the time in China. Olympic Games, what part to act in exercise of type of this the whole people after all?

"Important is not how to many person is told much more fluently, lend this education the open consciousness of common people however. " professor of college of Beijing foreign language, " English study " Hou Yi approach unscrambles magazine chief editor so " Olympic Games English is wet " .

The Beijing street before the Olympic Games, one clique by English " soak " picture. Old Beijing, elder brother blurt out is smooth go out " HELLO " , " MPC " , the course is unified " sweep " English label and guidepost, every dining-room can be acted according to on " bilingual cookbook " ... no matter walk into which community, can find a story about learning English.

Leaving emeritus old person is " main force "

Tell the view of Liu Yang of director of office of foreign language organizing committee according to Beijing citizen, the foreign language population of the end of the year compared Beijing to increased 2006 2007 60 thousand. In this number, besides student and window from personnel of course of study outside, in each community leaving emeritus old person is " main force " .
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