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Chinese interpret assist Guo Xiaoyong plaints domestic pole is short of Gao Shui
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"The whole nation can pass simultaneous interpretation qualification every yearExamperson, do not exceed two on average. " yesterday, the 18th world is attended in ShanghaiInterpreterOf congressChinaInterpret assist standing vice-chairmanGuo XiaoyongPlaint to the reporter, what with the high speed of Chinese economy development does not match is the interpreter talent that at present domestic pole is short of Gao Shuiping, and the public also stays in merely to translating occupational to understand " know a foreign language " on the level.

Of the talent strange be short of also make the compensation when the river rises the boat goes up too of simultaneous interpretation, at present 4000 reach 5000 yuan / the prices that the quote of the hour is simultaneous interpretation of general business affairs merely, and the simultaneous interpretation talent that involves the major such as Gao Ke, medical treatment, law, diplomacy is day price more beg hard. Huang Youyi of vice-chairman of international interpret couplet points out, the lack that Chinese major translates a talent ascribes to on the choose of mode of education of traditional foreign language and talent, "A good translation is not expression is on language strength, however the reserve capacity of culture details and professional knowledge. However the reserve capacity of culture details and professional knowledge..

The interpreter is tall to culture strength demand

Translate the authority of the bound as China, huang Youyi speaks of the public having deep feeling very much to translating occupational to misunderstand: "Up to now a lot of people think to want to know a foreign language to be able to become an interpreter only, and oversight the requirement that it insides information to culture. " he expresses, it is especially in literary interpreter, translator understands different culture and shirt-sleeve strength removed decisive action. "Lift a simple case, a:WAnttohaveadrink? (Want to drink a cup of wine? ) B:WHynot! Do I see a lot of examinee are become with respect to the word metaphrase B ' why not? ' , although language idea is right, but apparent in literary interpreter this is unqualified, if change ' have drink do not drink in vain! ' very Chinese man? ' very Chinese man??

International translates an allied chairman Bi Dexian to be born to point out, translate than literature " comfortable degree " , technical interpreter is right from personnel of course of study it is a very slashing test, "It not be patient of any deviation. " for instance, the professional job such as image height division, medical treatment, law, diplomacy closes national interest, enterprise to live or die, individual safety, face many professional technical terms, simultaneous interpretation person proper response should be being made in at the twinkling of an eye is absolutely cannot sheet relies on language strength to be able to come true.
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