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In professional English interpreter " letter, amount to, elegant "
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In professional English interpreter " letter, amount to, elegant "

Tu Zhijian, jin Xi

(Project of power of institute of Shanghai electric power is, shanghai 200090)

Summary: "Letter, amount to, elegant " interpreter criterion already was broad interpreter worker place is accepted, this criterion has direct import to the interpreter practice of all sorts of English style. With respect to science and technology kind the Ying Yihan of professional English, 12 words that put forward to hold this correctly to translate criterion are clear and coherent and rigorous and accurate and comprehensive, clear, succinct. Still elaborated the understanding to translating a concept and the view to metaphrase, free translation.

Keyword: Interpreter criterion; translates notional; professional English

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How To Adhere To " Faithfulness, expressiveness And Elegance " In The Translation Of English For Speciality

TU Zhijian, j IN Xi

(Department Of Electric Power Engineering, shanghai University Of Electric Power, 200090 of Shanghai   , china)

Abstract: Translation Criterion " Faithfulness, expressiveness And Elegance " Has Widely Been Acceptedby Translators And Has Significance In Guiding The Translation Of English Articles In Different Style. Thispaper Presents The Rule Of " Being Exact, overall, strict, definite, coherent And Succinct " To Serve As Theguideline In Applying This Criterion In Practical Translation Of English Into Chinese For Sci-tech Speciality. This Paper Also Expounds The Concept Of Translation And Expresses Opinions On Literal And Free Translation.

Key Words: Translation Criterion; Concept Of Translation; Englsih For Speciality

Accelerate with what open degree as the development of our country modernization, science and technology kind the demand of professional interpreter is bigger and bigger, give priority to with Ying Yihan among them. Because major translates involves content special specialization, need to be translated by professional technology personnel so, these professional technology personnel did not pass professional like English student to in that way systematization interpreter learns theoretically and translate training commonly, but should have certain foreign language level only, with respect to the professional interpreter that can undertake Ying Yihan. From the interpreter it is practice activity this one basic understanding sets out, professional technology personnel learns theory of a few interpreters, saying exactly is the basic knowledge that learns a few interpreters, to directive and specific interpreter practice is beneficial,
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Also be helpful to raising translation quality. Because this author thinks, be engaged in science and technology kind the understanding that the technical personnel of professional Ying Yihan wants to raise pair of interpreters already, be opposite in the interpreter even interpreter criterion (principle) undertake correct assurance.
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