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To crossing the otherness dug of the interpreter in culture intercourse
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To crossing the otherness dug of the interpreter in culture intercourse

Wang Jian king builds fierce

(1. Institute of Xi'an finance and economics is communal department of foreign language education,   of Shaanxi Xi'an 710061; 2. Class of foundation of Shaanxi technical institute, in the Western Han Dynasty of short for Shaanxi Province 723003)

[Summary] the interpreter's process is a kind of intercourse process that crosses culture actually. Discussed translator how to should analyse original work from culture connotation, those who understand the difference of English-Chinese culture and its language expression to go up is different, span language barrier, exceed culture wide gap, enhance glad meed to differentiate ability, raise interpreter quality.

[Keyword] cross interpreter of; of language of otherness; of culture intercourse;

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Author brief introduction: Xue?1965, ) , male, shaanxi hill in relief person, xi'an finance and economics learns courtyard associate professor, basically study direction is interpreter theory and practice.

The interpreter is the language intercourse activity of a kind of culture, the close relationship of language and culture added huge difficulty to translator. Gentleman of fine of assist of king of distinguished scholar of our country of no less than points out, "What is the most difficult in the interpreter? Be two kinds of culture is different. There is a kind of self-evident thing in a kind of culture, cost very great strength to try to explain in another kind of culture. " alleged interpreter, no more than conveys the culture of another kind of language information through a kind of language namely, because this can say any interpreters cannot leave culture, do not understand the social culture in the language, everybody cannot master a language truly. The to textual meaning understanding in the interpreter, not be simple language understanding question far. To translator, without the comparative knowledge of two kinds of culture, mention the proper understanding of antonym character character and expression with respect to have no way. The place in English of this no less than says " Learning A Language Is A Kind Oflearning The Culture And Habit Of The Country Where The Language Is Spoken. " in translating a process, some culture information is OK equivalence delivers, this concerns the thing; of general character of two kinds of culture to still have one part namely is the content that is linked together with difference of two kinds of culture, this became the difficult problem in the interpreter, this kind of difficult problem is very much, any translator often can be encountered. Because translate anything but can changeover of language of with a view to, want to pass through language surface layer however, understand its depth connotation and culture meaning. Accordingly, translator must know well greatly the ethical language that wants communication and culture, lucid understanding translates medium culture difference, ability interpret goes out maintain exotic emotional appeal already, accept for reader place again, the most adjacent and the most natural, textual translation.
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