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The English meaning in the brand
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Xue Bi (beverage) Sprite is elfin, piquant ghost

Le Baishi (beverage) Robust is hale

Jin Lilai (cravat) Goldlion gold lion

Department wheat is taken off (shirt) Smart is cheesy

Easy skin beautiful (toilet soap) Safeguard Maecenas

Na Aisi (toilet soap) Nice is good

Ying Kelai (bicycle) Incline loves

4 (typewriter) Stone stone

Discard be soiled (washing powder) Tide tide

Radar (electric mosquito-repellent incense) Raid makes a surprise attack, raid

Wave soft (shampoo) Rejoice is glad

Li Shijie (bumf) Luxury luxury

Fu Shen (shirt) Virtue goodness

Divine billow (dress) Sunland sun ground

Su Bo Er (pressure cooker) Super is fancy article

Day can (cravat) Talent talent

Love is much (cordless telephone) of Idle at a loose end

Yageer (shirt) Younger is younger

Beautiful uprise (ice-cream) Meadowgold gold green

Be able to bear or endure gram (shoe) Nike Nike

Nimble is installed special (bicycle) Giant giant

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