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The English with Chinese fastfood tradition is conveyed
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The culture that China eats is long-standing, but the culture introduction that how eats China goes out, how be conveyed with English. Although a lot of people like to be conveyed with phoneticize, but eating China's fastfood foreigner cannot understand for certain. Still let us learn together.
Chinese style breakfast:
Clay Oven Rolls of sesame seed cake
Fried Bread Stick of deep-fried twisted dough sticks
Leek box Fried Leek Dumplings
Boiled dumpling Boiled Dumplings
Steamed dumpling Steamed Dumplings
Steamed bread Steamed Buns
Cut packet of Steamed Sandwich
Meal round Rice And Vegetable Roll
Egg cake Egg Cakes
Leather egg 100-year Egg
Salted Duck Egg of salty duck's egg
Soya-bean milk Soybean Milk
Meal kind:
Congee Rice Porridge
Plain White Rice of plain cooked rice
Oily meal Glutinous Oil Rice
Glutinous Rice of meal of polished glutinous rice
Braised Pork Rice of bittern flesh meal
The egg fries meal Fried Rice With Egg
Pachyrhizus congee Sweet Potato Congee
Face kind:
Wonton face Wonton&Noodles
The knife cuts face Sliced Noodles
Spicy Hot Noodles of hemp hot side
Sesame Paste Noodles of sesame paste face
Duck With Noodles of 鴨 flesh face
Eel Noodles of 鱔 魚 face
Seafood Noodles of black dragon face
Pork of face of shredded meat of hot pickled mustard tuber, pickled Mustard Green Noodles
Oyster Thin Noodles of oyster fine face
Attrib wattle Flat Noodles
Ground rice Rice Noodles
Fry ground rice Fried Rice Noodles
Wintry pink Green Bean Noodle
Soup kind:
Fish Ball Soup of piscine bolus soup
Meat Ball Soup of 貢 bolus soup
The egg spends soup Egg&Vegetable Soup
Clam soup Clams Soup
Ostracean soup Oyster Soup
Laver soup Seaweed Soup
Vinegar-pepper soup Sweet&Sour Soup
Wonton soup Wonton Soup,
Pork Intestine Soup of pig bowel soup
Fleshy skilly Pork Thick Soup
Squid soup Squid Soup
Spend Squid Thick Soup of branch a thick soup
Love jade Vegetarian Gelatin
Tomatoes On Sticks of sugarcoated haws on a stick
Grow Longevity Peaches of peaches offered as a birthday present
Glutinous Rice Sesame Balls of sesame seed ball
Hemp Flowers of fried dough twist
Twin Horse Hooves
Ice kind:
Put Mein Mein Ice on the ice continuously
The ergot puts Oatmeal Ice on the ice
Pachyrhizus puts Sweet Potato Ice on the ice
紅 beans milk puts Red Bean With Milk Ice on the ice
Eight treasures puts Eight Treasures Ice on the ice
The beans spends Tofu Pudding
Fruit juice:
Sugar Cane Juice of sugar cane juice
Plum Juice of smoked plum juice
Carambola juice Star Fruit Juice
Herb Juice of green grass tea
Ostracean decoct Oyster Omelet
Stinky Tofu (Smelly Tofu of strong-smelling preserved bean curd)
Oily Bean Curd of fried bean curd
Spicy Hot Bean Curd of hemp hot bean curd
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