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Compose useful sentence pattern 18
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1. ? It Is Fairly Well-known That... , but It Is Probably Less Well-known That...
It Is Fairly Well-known That Education Plays An Important Part In The Development Of Our Country, but It Is Probably Less Well-known That Education Is Also Important To The Growth Of A Person.
2. ? With The Development Of The Society, there Is An Increasing Demand For Talented People To Do Work In All Areas Of The Economy.
3. ? It Is Important / Necessary For People To Receive A Good Education.
4. ? Different People Have Different Ideas About The Nature Of The Problem / The Solution To This Problem.
5. ? As A Matter Of Fact, it Is Just The Other Way Round.
6. ? From The Above Analysis (discussion / Data) , we Can See (conclude) That...
7. ? With The Development Of Society, ... Undergo Corresponding Change.
8. ? Therefore, in Order To... , effectives Measures Should Be Taken To...
9. ? While Many People Attach Great Importance To This Problem/ Issue, no Real Effective Actions Have Been Taken To Solve It.
10. ? The Effective Solution To This Problem Depends On The Efforts Made By The Both Government And The Ordinary People. On The One Hand, the Government Should Make A Proper Policy Concerning The Problem; On The Other Hand, the Ordinary People Should...
11. ? The Most Important Thing Is That We Should Give Enough Attention To Such Phenomenon.
12. ? Ignoring This Problem Will Simply Make The Situation Worse.
13. ? The Picture Seems To Convey The Message / Idea That...
14. ? Those Who Obtain The Latest Knowledge And Information And Are Able To Use Them To Solve Practical Problems Will Succeed.
15. ? Knowing The Nature Of The Problem Is Important, but What Is More Important Is To Find Effective Measure To Solve It.
16. ? Unless We Take Such Measures, chances Are That The Situation Will Become Worse.
17. ? Different People May Interpret The Meaning Of The Picture In Different Ways, but To Me, it Means That...
18. ? The Reason Why... Is That...
The Reason Why Education Is Important Is That It Has Great Influence On The Well-being Of Our Country.

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