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How to describe commodity character
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How to describe commodity character

Quality is good: Quality Is Excellent/ Superior/ Very Good/ Fine/ Best/ High/ Wonderful/ Supreme/ Attractive

Quality is inferior: Quality Is Bad/ Inferior/ Not Good/ Poor/ Imperfect/ Defective/ Faulty/ Second-rate/ Lower/ Unsatisfactory

Character assures: RetainThe Good Quality; Keep Up To The Standard Quality; Obtain A Good Quality; Attain The Best Quality; Secure An Excellent Quality

Article pledges with amounting to standard items: An Article Is Up To The Standard Quality; An Article Is Of The Same Quality As The Standard; An Article Is Equal To The Standard Quality; An Article Is The Same As The Standard Quality

Article is under the standard: An Article Is Below The Standard

Article is in standard above: An Article Is Above The Standard

Article and sample are consistent: An Article Is Up To The Sample; An Article Corresponds With The Sample; An Article Is Equal To The Sample.

Average Quality standard items is simple

We Would Like To Buy 500 Tons Of Average Quality Corn.

Customary Quality general tone

The Quality Of The Goods Shipped Is Customary Quality.

Best Quality, prime Quality, first-rate Quality optimal character

The Goods Supplied Shall Only Be Those Of Best Quality.

Certification of character of Quality Inspection Certificate

Please Be Sure To Attach A Quality Inspection Certificate.

The difference on character of Difference In Quality

There Is A Big Difference In Quality Between The Trial Order And The Order Of This Time.

Character of Guarantee Of Quality assures

We Request A Guarantee Of Quality For A Period Of One Year On All The Goods You Sell.

Sacrifice Quality reduces character

If You Sacrifice The Quality And Deliver Goods Of Imperfect Quality To Us, we Will Refuse To Accept Them.

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