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Encyclopedia of English name paraphrase
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Encyclopedia of English name paraphrase

[Dvnews_page]EnglishThe general composition of the full name is: Given name names a surname oneself. Be like William Jafferson Clinton. But in a lot of circumstances the name intermediate often skips do not write, be like George Bush, and a lot of people prefer to replace official given name with the nickname, be like Bill Clinton. Afore-mentioned given name call an individual the name again with intermediate name. Show the individual name English nation, nickname and surname introduction to be as follows:

I. Individual name

According to English nation consuetudinary, receive baptize ceremony in the baby commonly when, name for its by priest or parental friend, call given name. Oneself can be being taken after with the 2nd name, the platoon is after given name.

The origin of English individual name has the following kinds of circumstances roughly:

1.The person master in using celebrity of myth of Bible, Greek Rome, ancient time or literary famous book is given name.

2.Use ancestral native place, river of mountains and rivers-land, water flea of birds and beasts, the name that wait regards flowers tree as given name.

3.The different variant of given name.

4.Use (pet name) nickname.

5.Technology of the term that use compose makes new given name, if pour foreword, amalgamative.

6.Regard intermediate name as surname of a married woman's parents' home.

The man name with English commonly used nation has: James, john, david, daniel, michael, common

Woman name is: Jane, mary, elizabeth, ann, sarah, catherine.

II. Nickname

The nickname includes pet name, say slightly and pet name, it is English nation kind appellation often expresses between close friends, come out in the derive on the foundation of given name. Be like next circumstances normally:

1.Reservation head is syllabic. Be like Donald =>Don, timothy =>Tim. If this name with vowel begin,

Criterion but derive gives the nickname with 'N' nob, be like: Edward =>Ned.

2.Ie or - Y if: Don =>Donnie, tim =>Timmy.

3.Use end syllable, be like: Anthony =>Tony, beuben =>Ben.

4.Give two nicknames by derive of a given name, be like: Andrew =>Andy&Drew.

5.Irregular derive law, be like: A nickname of William is Bill.

III. Surname

The Englishman is only famous in very long period of time and without the surname. Till the use ability of 16 centuries surname wide popularity leaves come. The etymology of English surname basically has:

1.Use given name directly, be like Clinton.

2.The affix that states blood relationship concerns is added on given name, be like suffixal - S, - Son, - Ing; Prepositive M'- , mc- ,

Mac- , all express Fitz- such-and-such child or unborn.

3.Add before given name the affix that expresses the identity, be like St. - , de- , du= , la- , le- .

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