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The culture analysis of foreign word reachs English interpreter means
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One, come fromEnglishThe content that foreign word place involves

The English that Chinese place absorbs is ab extra the word is to follow more very dailyThe lifeThe term closely related. Modern life rhythm is accelerated, new thing, new product is ceaseless emerge in large numbers, these is in of foreign word absorb on can get apparent report. Be like:

Dietary respect: Green food (Green Food) , Kendeji (Kentucky) , Mcdonald's (McDonald's) , buffet (former times of Buffet) , grandma (Milkshake) , hot dog (Hot Dog) , cheese (Cheese) , system of appointing national minority hereditary headmen in the Yuan (fish of Toast) , 3 article (Salmon) , pilchard (Sardine) , deserve to manage (Paste) , on the west cold.

Wearing a respect: The jeans (Jeans) , miniskirt (Miniskirt) , bikini (jacket of Bikini) , sports (Bi-swing) . Respect of every day object: Invisible glasses (Contact Lenses) , shampoo (Shampoo) , Ximengsai (Shermons) , dried meat gram (Locquer) , mosaic (Mosaic) , teflon (Teflon) . Vehicle respect: Turbine train (Turbotrain) , airbus (Airbus) , ATV (air-terrain Vehicle can travel the complete landform car at all sorts of landform) wait.

Still have sauna in addition (bath of Sauna) , sun (Suntan) , person much store (Store) , supermarket (elder brother of village of children of Supermarket) , SOS, Wei (Viagra) , AIDS (AIDS) is waited a moment, also with modern life closely related.

Artistic, Recreation, sports respect, be like: Jazz (Jazz Music) , soap opera (the Soap Opera) , rock-and-roll that confuse unreal (Acid Rock) , rock and roll danceMusic (Big Beat) , knight rocks and roll (Jazz Rock) , countryside rocks and roll (Rockability) , Disco (Disco) , break dance (band of Break Dance) , beetle (The Beetles) , hot younger sister chorally group (The Spice Girls) , clique is right (Party) , MTV (music Television) , background music (Background Music) , Disinile garden (. Pamoer says: "Language trustily mirrorred a nation whole history, culture, trustily mirrorred it all sorts ofGameWith all sorts of recreation, belief and bias, this now is very clear. "This one viewpoint can get confirm here.

Masses medium develops quickly make different culture mutual and shirt-sleeve, the word of sense of value of culture of concerned west morality is ceaseless also emerge in large numbers: Acting channel (gap of Generation Gap) , culture (Culture Gap) , single mother (young woman of Bachelor Mother) , muster (Call Girl) , hippy (Hippies) , Yapishi (Yuppies) , shade skin person (Yumpies) , friend is overcome (Punk) , nude spanks (Streaking) is waited a moment. As the society division of labor is made clear increasingly, besides "(blue Collar) of estate of blue collar of the " white-collar "(white Collar) on the tradition, " , appeared again " ash gets estate "(gray Collar, the person that is engaged in maintenance technology work) , " pink gets estate "(pink Collar, the profession that shows from personnel of course of study most is a woman) get estate "(iron Collar with " iron, point to robot) . New science founds theoretically and the occurrence of new technology produces a batch of new terms: High-tech garden (Hi-tech Park) , Silicon Valley (Silicon Valley) , fax (Fax) , laser printer (Laser Printer) , videophone (integrated circuit of Videophone) , IC () , ribonucleic acid of DNA (to oxigenate) , test tube baby (sheep of Test-tube Baby) , clone (Clone Sheep) is the new term that just appears in recent years. The pattern of the striking progress that because this can say an insitute of language,reflective is scientific theory and engineering technology is renovated.
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