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The interpreter skill of English preposition
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EnglishIn mostPrepositionThe meaning is agile, one word is much justice multi-purpose. Already had interpret law besides a few commonly used phrase outside, a large number of preposition need from its basic sense sets out, couplet strung later development tries to be handled neatly. Compendious ground introduces law of a few kinds of basic interpret below.

(1) turn interpret: Commonly used preposition conveys behavioral meaning in English. When Chinese interpret, can turn preposition interpret becomes a verb.

① is in the preposition phrase of tabulation language, preposition often turns interpret is a verb, is a verb repeatedly omit not interpret. Be like: This Machine Is Out Of Repair. This machine disrepair.

② is in in the preposition phrase of purpose or reason adverbial modifier, preposition turns sometimes interpret becomes a verb. Be like:

The Plane Crushed Out Of Control. This plane loses control and crash.

The Letter E Is Commonly Used For Electromotive Force. With E normally this letter expresses electromotive force.

In the preposition phrase that ③ is making condition, means or methodological adverbial modifier, preposition turns sometimes interpret becomes a verb. Be like:

But EvenThe Optical Microscope of   of Larger Molecules With Several Hundred Atoms Are Too Small To Be Seen With The Best. But, although have element of hundreds of atomic,also be too small, also lose sight of them with best optical microscope.

When ④ preposition phrase makes complemental language, its intermediary word often turns interpret becomes a verb. Be like:

Heat Sets These Particles In Random Motion. Quantity of heat makes these particle make random motion.

(2) add interpret: Adding a word is not out of thin air, the meaning that wants the verb that matchs with preposition especially according to context or adjective however is added appropriately. Have many circumstances, sentence in the verb that matchs with preposition or adjective do not appear, if illuminate textual structure to cannot be clear about meaning expression, when be being misunderstood easily even, this adds a word with respect to need.

Be like: Thats All There Is To It. That is the entire content that concerns with this. (former sentence in To=related To)

The Engineer Was Taken Ill With Consumption. It Was Flour On The Lungs, the Doctor Told Him At The Time. This engineer got lung one disease, because flour is right,that is of lung influence, the doctor says to him so at that time. (On=effect)

Accordingly, the habitual collocation of familiar preposition and verb or adjective is a kind of when add a word and understand acceptation correctly important step.

(3) cent interpret: When preposition phrase makes attribute, often be a kind of of attributive subordinate clause brief form. When preposition phrase makes adverbial modifier, it is the brief form of adverbial modifier subordinate clause sometimes. Some preposition phrase is paratactic still sentence brief form. Accordingly when Chinese interpret, some can tear open a cent interpret.

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